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Introvert Problems

11th October 2014

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beingskinnyandstuff said: Hey :) I am an introvert on the autism spectrum (aspergers) which makes it almost impossible for me to live a normal life. I cry a lot because i am not normal. Should i take medication?

I’m not in any way a qualified medical professional or behavioral specialist, so I cannot make any recommendation on any medication.

If you have this concern, I would talk to your doctor and have them refer you to a specialist in Autism Behavior Therapies. On top of that, from what I hear from people on medication for various behavior or mood related problems, there is no “magic pill” for anything. It is a combination of therapy, learning new behaviors, and sometimes, medication to help ease the process. 

I’m sorry you are struggling and I hope that one day you find the tools you need to cope. I wish you luck and hope you find the right treatment.

Note to Everyone:

I also feel I should say here that you should always take medication as directed and never take medication that is not prescribed for you. In the case of Psycho-pharmacological Drugs, they are not things you can just pop and be fine for a few hours and it is a delicate and sometimes long process to find a drug that works for someone. No two people are alike. Do not take your friend’s medication because chances are, your friend can;t stop cold turkey and will need all the doses and you have no way of knowing how that drug will affect you.

If you are on antibiotics, TAKE THE WHOLE BOTTLE AS DIRECTED. If you stop as soon as you feel better there is a chance that there is still bacteria in your system, and it will come back resistant to the medication originally used to treat it. You are not saving money or a doctor’s visit, you are putting yourself and others at risk of an untreatable bacterial infection. 

There is a lot of research that goes into all medication so please consult a professional before taking any and follow the directions.

9th October 2014

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Attention Introverts in the US

Elections are coming up and you should all register to vote. Seriously, politicians pander to the people that put them in power. We outnumber the elder, we should make the politicians pander to us (and maybe get student loan reform and make police departments more accountable?).

No matter what your political views, this is something you can do without going out and talking to strangers. Register to vote by mail!

Mid-Term elections are important, please go out (or stay in) and vote.

And for non-US introverts, I’m not familiar with your systems of government, but I encourage participating in them.

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8th October 2014

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Work suddenly involves a lot more talking to people. There is no job that involves ignoring people forever.

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29th September 2014

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22nd September 2014

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22nd September 2014

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21st September 2014

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21st September 2014

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Anonymous said: Has your anon considered data entry work? It's quieter and in most places you don't have to customer interface. Or stockroom work for retailers. Or look for part time small office opportunities. Anything customer facing will want you to be very personable, so if you apply for something like that it might be worth asking if they'd consider you for a backroom, data entry or stock position too if a job comes up. Hope this helps. x

Some job ideas! Thanks, Anon.

21st September 2014

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iambic-pulse said: I just graduated from college and decided that I don't want to go into my field, so I've been trying to get a job to hold me over until I can figure out what I want to do (I am currently living with my parents). I don't have much work XP, so I've been applying for a lot of retail positions, but haven't had any luck all summer. I'm starting to think it's because I don't have the "friendly and outgoing" vibe retailers always say they want. Do you know of any good entry level jobs for introverts?

That is a tough one, since I pretty much jumped into field related things since I graduated college, and i con;t think off the top of my head which jobs are available for non-specialized work without a lot of social interaction.

That being said, you will need some level of social skills to get and keep every job, since almost no jobs work in a vacuum. Even as a programmer, you deal with a lot of, sometimes angry, people.

Maybe look for jobs in stock rooms or doing something that doesn’t require customer service 100% of the time (like cashiers or anything in retail).

Followers, do you have any helpful tips, jobs, or advice?

21st September 2014

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Anonymous said: Last week my boyfriend's (who I live with) very extroverted sister came to visit and live with us for 4 days. My boyfriend's schedule was busy so it was mostly I who kept her company. She's a lovely and fun person but hanging out and having conversation with her (she really likes to talk) all that time with no break got me so exhausted I actually fell ill the day she left. After my fever passed I didn't mind being sick because I was finally alone lol.

Holy Socializing, Batman!

I’m sorry you got sick, but you will find those people that have to socialize all the time and they can be extremely exhausting. Hope your boyfriend has more time next tiem she comes to viist.