Problems of the introverted!
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Introvert Problems

6th July 2012

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potentialslayerette said: I've made a friend here on tumblr who is a really sweet extrovert. I like her a lot, but she always wants to talk to me or text or skype. She's a very lonely person and gets deeply hurt when I don't want to talk to her 24/7. If I come up with an excuse to not talk she feels ignored and when I tell her I'm not in the mood to talk she feels ignored. I don't know what to do because I really like her, but I feel smothered by her attention. any advice?

Can you explain to her that you don’t want to talk to her because you need a break from social interaction to stay sane? I have found with my extroverted friends that if I only say I don’t want to socialize they get offended, but if I explain it is because I need alone time to recharge, they are a lot more understanding.

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